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3 Ways to Beat Depression & Anxiety

In life, we all have periods where we feel beaten down by things. It could be situations we are in, something that happened, people in your life, or just the monotonous, everyday humdrum of working life that does it. Recently I’ve been fighting back against depression and anxiety, but not because I’m unhappy. I have a…… Continue reading 3 Ways to Beat Depression & Anxiety

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Strawberry Wine… uh, I mean soap!

So first and foremost, Happy New Year!! For the last month my blog was quiet as I was taking business courses as I work to start a marketing consulting business! I unboxed my December Kira Kira Crate Saturday. You can see the video here: Unfortunately I’m still figuring out issues with recording on my laptop, so…… Continue reading Strawberry Wine… uh, I mean soap!