My name is Laura M. Simonelli, creator of Crowned Laurel. The goal of Crowned Laurel Art is to share creativity and inspiration through my art, writing, and love of advertising.

Crowned Laurel is a side project I began in college, when I decided that I wanted to promote my artwork, skills, and services in my profession. I wanted to create a brand focusing on my art and similar interests, such as advertising and marketing. As of right now, there are a few examples from my copywriting portfolio, and previous art projects (Gallery).

In college, Crowned Laurel was sidelined when classes and work were my top priority.

With the arrival of 2016, I’ve started work revamping Crowned Laurel. In addition to the site, I am considering jump-starting my blog. With the Super Bowl coming up, there is already waves of advertising news the last couple weeks, and I am looking forward to seeing all that brands come out with. Is it weird I just watch the Super Bowl for the advertising? Well, then just #colormeadcrazy.