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YouTube Announcement, Etsy Sale, exciting horizons!

Firstly, I apologize for it being so long since my last update! Since my birthday earlier this month its been an insane time full of art projects, branding plans, client work, art classes, job interviews and…. well, you get the idea!

YouTube: Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s I will be uploading to YouTube. I’m looking to make this a daily occurrence, but I want to start small as I’ll be working a lot pretty soon. Right now, it’s going to be time-lapse videos of my paintings but soon I will have tutorials and a bunch of fun videos for adults & children alike!!

New video here: (Please click through, like, subscribe <3)

Etsy: I have several paintings up for sale in my Etsy shop & I’m working on creating more art for this. Most art from my videos will indeed be featured for sale. Help me out buy buying a painting or requesting a custom piece. I do acrylic paintings as well as glow in the dark pieces.

Subscribe, like, & favorite ZenMusa on YouTube, Facebook and Etsy so you can stay up to date on everything I’m doing, and add a little inspiration to your day!

Follow on Facebook for sketch of the day starting Monday!! I will be committing to a new blog post each Monday as of now, so you wonderful people can rely on blog posts then. For more frequent updates, follow me on all channels!!

Thank you for taking an interest!


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