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Winter is Coming… Again.

It would appear winter has yet to decide it’s done with us.

I don’t know about anyone else living here on the East coast, but I for one am about tired of snow.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it, like I love all seasons in their time. However, between my business classes and getting stuck in Syracuse in December, and soon to be snowed into the upstate region of New York this week, I’ve about had enough of being chilled to the bone and driving in cold, wet weather.

70 degrees one day, nor’easter another… Thanks global warming 😉 -_-

UPDATE: I am starting as a lead instructor at a local paint party venue!! Talk about an exciting prospect! Furthermore, my consulting business is looking to acquire a new client! It’s still a slow start, and planning a wedding I’m looking to start making more money so I’m looking for as close to full time work as I can get, and will also be selling my personal paintings and decorated glasses on Etsy later this week. I’ll post a short update when this happens, subscribe & follow on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop!


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