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Strawberry Wine… uh, I mean soap!

So first and foremost, Happy New Year!! For the last month my blog was quiet as I was taking business courses as I work to start a marketing consulting business!

I unboxed my December Kira Kira Crate Saturday. You can see the video here:

Unfortunately I’m still figuring out issues with recording on my laptop, so it’s choppy. If you have any suggestions or insight on what the problem is with my webcam, I’m all ears! Moving on…

Last Night I tried the Ichigo Strawberry Milk Soap & Bath Powder.

I decided to try these first since my skin has been REALLY dry recently and they promise skin-moisturizing properties.

Upon opening the pouch for the bath powder I was met with the pleasant aroma of sweet strawberries, but with an admittedly odd after-scent which probably comes from the “milk” end of the spectrum.

Strawberry Milk Tub!

The powder was naturally pink, and once added to the bath and swirled around a few times with my arm,  the tub became a giant tub of strawberry milk! It was adorable.

I then tore open the strawberry soap to go along with my bath, hopped in and enjoyed a nice relaxing after-yoga bath as usual. It was wonderful.

The Rub

The strawberry soap indeed had a cute little strawberry printed on it, and I have to say I’m impressed. I didn’t expect much because in my experience bar soap doesn’t tend to lather into loofah’s well at all, but this was amazing! soapNot only did it smell and feel wonderful, but it delivered well! It created a nice rich lather in my bath pouf and I didn’t need to keep re-lathering like I might with some other bar soaps.

The bath powder made my bath moisturizing and divine. The bottom of the tub was a little slick but you’d get that from bath oils as well. All in all, I’m in love! My legs were still a little dry (to be expected as my skin was EXTREMELY dry), but overall my skin felt healthy and SO soft.

10/10 I’d use again! You can subscribe to Kira Kira Crate here:

Stay tuned for my next review later this week!


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