“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

this couldn’t be more true in most cases. I wish this was telling of 2016, but it has so far seemed to be the opposite of fun for the most part.

2016 hasn’t been a very good year to me nor many of my friends. It started great but sometime between February and September things went south all over the place from negativity on the news, to terrible personal luck. I can’t seem to catch much of a break no matter what I do or try this year.

In the same year I went from saving money, paying off my debt and looking at houses to being forced back to the grind of job applications and putting my life on hold because an employer would rather replace me with someone that costs less, fights less for what’s right, and cares less about quality. The timing of my being laid off was not lost on me, nor was the severe lack of reason for doing so.

Despite how awful this year has been, I like to think that things get worse before they get better. Who knows, maybe I’m on the verge of greatness.

After all, the strongest steel is forged in the hottest of flames.




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