Kick-Starting & My Return

I’ve been on a hiatus from my usual art, blogging, and… basically life as it was pre- college graduation last year. My last post was April 2015 but somehow it doesn’t feel that long.

TIme flies when you’re having fun, right? Since May 9, 2015, I’ve graduated college, and secured a position as Content Strategist at a marketing company just a few months after, in August, 2015. It’s been a crazy, exhilarating year. While I’m enjoying it, and excel in my position… I can’t help but feel there is more I should be doing with my skills, drive, energy, and passion for the work needed in advertising.

Currently I’m copywriting emails for college enrollment and outreach purposes, but I am keeping a look-out for a new career opportunity. More than anything, I want to be in an agency, working on copy projects, digital ads, commercials, campaigns for a variety of brands.

I’ve had an affinity, and adoration for advertising of all types, from a punchy radio spot, to a witty skittles commercial (See Skittles SuperBowl 2016… I love it.) And I want to use it.

I’m energetic, passionate about my work, and always looking to go the extra mile in my work. I want a position that lets me utilize these traits to the fullest potential.

In short– I’m back, and I’m ready for more action.


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