Paint to Dirt

Art has always played a significant role in my life. As true as this is, I must admit that much like many others, when classes go into full swing, art falls to the wayside and Netflix is my BFF. Still, once in a while during the semester I’ll drag out my paints or sketching supplies and create whatever pops into my head, primarily during breaks.

Painting of a camp at Keyser Lake, across the water form where my family friends stay.
Painting of a camp at Keyser Lake, across the water form where my family friends stay.

In the Summer, I set up a plein air easel outside on a nice day, and just paint or draw under the hot sun for hours on end. The summer heat and beauty of the country and nature is definitely my element for creativity. The image to the right is a painting from Keyser Lake, a few years ago.

Despite the lack of art I end up being able to integrate into the semester (unless you count graphic design work), I find other ways to keep entertained. During the winter it’s usually crocheting, though being tied up with school and work; finding time to do what I want is difficult.

My recent project many may have seen on Twitter or Facebook, has been gardening. Specifically, an herb garden to kick off my outdoors projects. I began about two weeks ago by planting a variety of herbs and spices in a starter set. I selected a number of common and perhaps less common herbs to incorporate from mint and oregano to lavender and sage.

The early stages...
The early stages…

In beginning an herb garden I found an opportunity to create something with minimal time and effort that I can watch grow well into the summer. In total, I have twelve different herbs as pictured.

Eventually I will be moving them outside into planters, and will have better signs to determine what is what. Surprisingly my herbs started growing rather quickly, within days of planting. I suppose that’s what warm weather and water will do! I am probably most excited about the lavender… one of my favorite scents. Have you gardened? What do you enjoy most about it?

Tell me in the comments below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Paint to Dirt

  1. Every summer that I am home, I am given a window box that I can put flowers in. Usually, over Mother’s Day weekend, my Mom and I go flower shopping together and then plant them into the window boxes. This started in middle school when I grew geraniums for a class project and found that I really liked it. I think I like it because it’s almost a form of art to get the box to look nice, and then I am able to watch my efforts grow all summer.

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    1. That’s a nice ritual to have every year! My parents have had a couple gardens over the years. Every year they plant a variety of flowers and vegetables. Growing up I used to help them with it. One of my favorite memories was the arching wire walkway we had when I was 5 or 6 and we lived in the country. Certain vegetables like peas would grow in a vine over the arch it was pretty awesome.

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