Back Stage: My Relationship with Acting

I’ve always had a passion for acting. Something about the process of becoming someone you aren’t, the devotion to this character, it all becomes a part of you that you never forget. The backstage antics, rehearsals and drama of it all from developing friendships, to working closely on something so creative and so important at the time. The hours of hard work and timing and memorizing… it’s an experience unlike any other. The realization that people cram into your auditorium or theater to see you perform… it’s breathtaking.

There’s moments where one can be envious of famed actors and their relationship with the acting world. Of course it comes with it’s baggage and difficulties.. but as the saying goes “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” acting is art as work for those stars. Nicole Kidman is one of my favorite actresses because all too often, she shares similar thoughts and insights on her life in acting. Eddie Redmayne is another, albeit newer favorite actor in my book due to his stunning skill of becoming a character in a way many don’t quite succeed. The Theory of Everything almost had me in tears a few times!!

“Murder by Poe”, Fall 2010. I am (right) in the plaid robe.

When I attended Herkimer County Community College, I acted in two play productions. The first was “Murder By Poe”, the second was “The Seven Year Itch”.

Many know “The Seven Year Itch” as the film by the same name in which Marilyn Monroe played the young girl who befriends the husband. Of the two plays, “Murder by Poe” was most definitely my favorite to be in. Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favorite authors, is surely a contributing factor as to why.

“Murder by Poe” 2010, I am (left) one of the officers from “The Tell Tale Heart” portion of the production.

Acting is an amazing form of art, one I cherish deeply. Unfortunately since attending Saint Rose, I have had no time to devote to it. Two summers ago I had signed up to receive audition e-mails from a local theater, but never received a single one. (My hunch is perhaps the website had issues, because it wasn’t very fleshed out at the time). When I performed in “Murder By Poe”, I played a few small roles, as it was my first play. I was the one of two officers from “Tell Tale Heart”, a fortune teller and Aunt, as well as a ghost. A big contrast to this was “The Seven Year Itch” in which I played the husbands wife.

I loved every second of my time in both productions. This was perhaps the best time in my college career. When everything was exciting, and I had more friends than I could hope for in my fellow classmates and actors. I miss it sometimes, and could only hope to become involved in that environment again. The creativity, passion, and dedication of so many amazing people for a production is amazing.

I truly hope to one day be working in an area of my field that allows me to be part of this world, even if I’m not doing the acting. If I could be doing advertising, or public relations work within this field I would be thrilled. Upon my move downstate after graduation in May, I intend on finding a local theater to work with.

If any of you have acted, or worked with theaters and in production of plays, please share your experiences in my comments!

~Ms. Laura


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