Graphic Design: Back in action!

“Laura M. Simonelli” Graphic Illustration, 2013.

The saddest thing as a graphic design student, is realizing your beautiful studio laptop is dead in the water. That was my experience my first semester at Saint Rose, about a year before I changed majors into public relations and advertising. I had Adobe Creative Suite I had purchased the summer prior, and I loved having it in the comfort of my dorm room, better than having to truck to Picotte Hall or the library in the winter months.

Since that terrible incident, I haven’t had the programs because I had purchased a Mac to replace the Dell and the cross upgrade was far more pricey than I could afford at the time. I had paid down my credit card, only to have to buy a new laptop the second I was debt-free.

Needless to say, I recently acquired, with the help of my favorite person, the Adobe Creative Cloud! I could spend hours working with these programs. In fact, the last hour was spent doodling, paying around with them, and re-honing my skills. It’s like riding a bike though… you never really forget!

Here is a screenshot of a new design I completed just moments ago.

Screenshot of Yoga Graphic
Screenshot of Yoga Graphic

I’ve had yoga on the brain, so I’ve worked up a few new designs to put in my Zazzle shop. I’ll share the link once the products are processed and available for you to take a look at!

Thanks for reading, and stay warm! It’s getting a bit chilly out compared to a few hours ago!

~Ms. Laura


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