Box it Up!

For quite some time, I’ve indulged in painting jewelry/trinket boxes and a number of other products such as step stools, wood plaques, trays (See featured image) and more.

I sell them as well! When I first began this, I would sell my finished pieces at Fall Hill Bead and Gem in Little Falls.

“Sunset Flame”, 2014.
“Galaxies”, 2014.

How I approach my work is to first, condition the wood to ensure an ideal surface, before I paint and embellish with fine acrylic, spending not a moment less than what they deserve in attention to detail. Depending on the nature of the wood, I may put a primer on it prior to painting. Each box is meticulously lined with felt or velvet to better love and cradle your most precious pieces of jewelry and keepsakes. The finishing touch is removing any excess paint from the hardware, and applying a clear coat protectant to preserve the work on the boxes before I put them up for sale.

“Galaxies”, 2014.
“Sunset Flame”, 2014.

The above boxes are beautiful examples of my finished pieces. Here are a couple more images of them.

I am currently in the process of working out details of potentially setting up an Etsy shop from which to sell these boxes and my other works of this nature. In the mean time, any inquiries can be made via my contact page if desired. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments, I love to hear feedback from my readers and fellow art lovers alike!

~Ms. Laura


2 thoughts on “Box it Up!

    1. I always loved art, and I can draw and paint a number of subjects from life, or off the top of my head. Still, I realize a number of others dabble in art as well and illustrate, paint and eventually it’s all one big blur of artists. That said, my goal was to take something I love and excel at, and turn it into something useful. While I do sell these creations, my biggest ROI is definitely that someone, somewhere enjoys my art enough that they want one.


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