Art is therapy.

I firmly believe that everyone can and should make art. Art is a relief. Much like people go running, or to the gym when their mind is all over the place, or they are stressed, some make art. I do all of the above!

When I was much younger, art and writing were two of my favorite things. They still are! The only true difference is that I have more and more responsibilities and far less time to spend on my hobbies, unlike when I was younger.

Art is very freeing. I had a friend, and still have friends who comment “I suck at art… I’m lucky if I can draw a stick figure!”. You don’t have to be the next DaVinci or Michelangelo to be able to enjoy art, you may not be an art major. And that’s okay. But sometimes just sitting down and doodling, or paining nothing but color relevant to your mood at the time can really relax a person.

There is a trend going on right now for paint and wine gatherings. I definitely recommend attending one of these. If wine isn’t your cup of tea, settle for home and your favorite beverage. This is often how I spend my free evenings during the summer, locked away blasting music and sipping something sweet and painting for hours and there is something so relaxing about doing that even for just an hour or so.

I’ve found that art, even writing poetry or stories, often frees my mind. If you doodle, paint, write, or even craft something every once in a while you will be surprised just how clear your mind can become, and how relaxing it is.

Everyone can create art, and it doesn’t have to be the next Mona Lisa for it to mean something. Art always means something, even if it only means something to you.


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